Intercessory Prayer to the Theotokos

O undefiled, untainted, uncorrupted, most pure, chaste Virgin, Thou Bride of God and Sovereign Lady, who didst unite the Word of God to mankind through thy most glorious birth giving, and hast linked the apostate nature of our race with the heavenly; who art the only hope of the hopeless, and the helper of the … Continue reading Intercessory Prayer to the Theotokos

Dormition : The Story (Children’s sermon)

A conversation between a church father and some children, Anna, Lucy.. ... that will help you all understand the dormition story of blessed Mother Mary better.... Church father :In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. As we celebrate the dormition of the Theotokos, so let's understand what it is?...What … Continue reading Dormition : The Story (Children’s sermon)

Why consider “Orthodoxy”

While thinking about the introduction to the blog, I remembered a recent conversation with a friend of mine on the different denominations in Christianity. My friend had been prejudiced by many Christian thoughts. He was very adamant about the fact that no matter what, ultimately all denominations praise and worship the same God. The only … Continue reading Why consider “Orthodoxy”