The Santa Story…

This is how the Malayalam speaking people of Kerala, a small state in southern India addresses "Santa Claus" in the most loveable way. Appoopa means old man; a dear old man Santa, the Christmas father. He is our childhood hero, who is imagined as an old man in a red robe and a white long beard, with his most famous red hat, travelling on a sleigh, pulled by a reindeer. Christmas time is here and its time to remember our childhood hero. Children singing the Christmas rhyme, "Dreams of Santa,Dreams of snow..... " hang stockings on their front doors with the hope that Santa would place gifts in it, just before bedtime, believing the age old story of "Santa Claus".


Creation was not a necessary or spontaneous effect of God’s nature as many scientific or philosophical studies may indicate. In accordance to Orthodox Church’s understanding, it is a free act of divine will that brought into existence beings radically different from God. Created beings are radically different because they are created and contingent (dependent) creatures made by uncreated and absolute Triune God. God freely chose to create out of love, for He “brought creatures into being not because He had need of anything” writes St. Maximus the Confessor (590 – 662 AD), “but so that they might participate in Him in proportion to their capacity and that He Himself might rejoice in His works [cf. Ps. 104:31], through seeing them joyful and ever filled to overflowing with His inexhaustible gifts.”