The Existential Christ

Have you ever wondered why our bishops and clergy are so insistent on our regular Church attendance? Is it for their own benefit that we attend Church? Many of us today, like the Gnostics, despise this form of authority—the authority of “Scriptures, rituals, and the clergy." We all like the simple Christ without the Church … Continue reading The Existential Christ

Making God the Centre of your Life

That is when real personal growth happens. When we start becoming a notably different person than who we used to be. There will be a drastic change in our beliefs which people around us will notice. People may or may not be able to comprehend this change.


The Church is without beginning, without end and eternal, just as the Triune God, her founder, is without beginning, without end and eternal. She is uncreated just as God is uncreated. She existed before the ages, before the angels, before the creation of the world—before the foundation of the world as the Apostle Paul says. She is a divine institution refer Eph 1:4and in her dwells the whole fullness of divinity refer Col 2:9 . She is an expression of the richly varied wisdom of God. She is the mystery of mysteries. She was concealed and was revealed in the last of times. The Church refer 1 Pet 1:20 remains unshaken because she is rooted in the love and wise providence of God. The three persons of the Holy Trinity constitute the eternal Church. The angels and human beings existed in the thought and love of the Triune God from the beginning. We human beings were not born now, we existed before the ages in God’s omniscience.