Orthodox Study Journal~~Youth Issue 1/May 2018

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the Unseen

The Maze Runner

A teenage boy wakes up in an ascending elevator with no recollection of his name, where he comes from, or where he is. When the elevator reaches the top, a door above him opens and he finds himself in a community of boys.
Once a month the elevator (or the box as they call it), comes to the surface with supplies as well as a new boy. They all live in the glade and call themselves Gladers. None of them can remember anything about their past or why they were sent there, but after a few days they will remember their names. A door opens in the giant wall every day and closes every night. The door leads to a maze that surrounds the glade. Runners go through looking for a way out. “If you’re trapped in the maze overnight, the Grievers get you and you die”. The maze changes every night. Alby was the first boy to arrive in the Glade. No one knows why they are there.
The teenage boy later remembers his name as ‘Thomas’. Alby takes Thomas around to show him more of the sites. The boys carve their names on the wall when they arrive. When one dies, they cross off the name. Thomas tries to fit in and he’s given the task to dig up the fertilizer out in the woods. While he’s still there, he’s attacked by Ben, one of the Runners who was stung by a Griever. A sting will apparently cause tremendous pain and make the victim prone to violence. There’s no cure for it, so the other teens force Ben into the maze at night just as the doors are closing. Everyone is concerned that there was a Griever attack during the day.
The next day, Alby goes into the maze to retrace Ben’s path and to find out what happens. It rains during the day. Now it’s getting late and Alby still hasn’t returned. All the boys gather around the entrance to the maze. Just as the doors are about to close, the lead Runner named Minho appears with a very injured Alby. Thomas rushes into the maze to help them, but the door closes behind him.
Minho and Thomas use vines to suspend Alby’s body and try to keep it safe from the Grievers. Alby was stung while inside the maze. One of the Grievers appears and chase after Thomas. The Grievers look like gigantic bedbugs with robot legs and scorpion tails. Thomas and the Griever run around a bit as the walls in the maze change. Finally Thomas is able to lure the Griever between two walls that are colliding and SQUISH! Dead Griever.
Their world begins to change, with the challenge becoming fiercer. The boys have disagreements and got divided into two factions. To further shake things up, Teresa becomes the first girl to arrive in the Glade with a note that says she will be “the last one ever,” which means the steady flow of supplies will also cease.
Eventually Thomas gets to become “the runner”. Along with another group of runners, Thomas and Minho recover a device from within the Griever’s body and they theorize that the Maze may have a hidden code that could set them all free.
Inside the Maze, Thomas and Minho get farther than anyone has ever gotten before. But that night, the Maze entrance remains open and the Gladers are attacked by the Grievers. Overcoming all the hurdles, Thomas finally regains his memory and realizes that the entire scenario has been an experiment.
Thomas and his group fight their way through the Maze and discover a laboratory at the end of it. Inside are dozens of dead scientists. In a recording, one of the scientists explains that the planet was devastated by a solar flare and by an incurable virus which was also called “The Flare.” The whole point of the Gladers experiment was to see how their brains resisted the virus, since they were basically immune to it.
Finally masked men with weapons then appear and whisk Thomas and the other survivors away into a waiting helicopter. From high above the Maze, they see that it was located in a vast desert wasteland as they fly towards the ruins of a city.
This is exactly what happens in our real and spiritual life. We all live in a glade, “the daily routine life” doing all sorts of stuff required for our daily survival, relying on our human wisdom unaware of the actual reality, “the spiritual reality”. We are given a door (Christ) to enter the maze of the spiritual reality. As we enter the maze, we are often tempted by grievers; Satan and his demons. This is called the Unseen Warfare. Our test in this world is to finally survive the grievers and find our way out in the truth; victorious only to say as in 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. Finally when we are dead and gone, our guardian angel, the angels of the Lord can be compared to the masked men in the above story who whisk us away to the mansions that Christ promised in John 14:2 “In my Father’s house are many mansions, If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you”.
As the teenager in the story wakes up inside an underground elevator with no memory of his own identity, is what every teenager or a young person feels, in the days of his youth. The biggest challenge that hangs on for every youth out there is to establish our own identity.
Who am I? Why am I here? I just know my name and do things everyday as everyone does. What is it that I should achieve in this life?
We enter the maze each day with these questions. We encounter different situations; the different people, their culture and values. Each situation puts us into a learning experience. We get to see something unhappy, unjust, and cruel either in our lives or in the lives of others. We are unhappy and unsatisfied at times due to many reasons even though we pretend to be happy. The injustice in the world is growing each day. We can imagine ourselves to be fighters inside this maze just as the teenager in the story who wants to fight out in the maze to find the right way out. As teenagers or youth we often see ourselves fighting between good and the bad.
Like the runners in the story, who get stung by the griever inside the maze, we often get stung by Satan and his demons, with thoughts that divert us from the way of Christ. These thoughts deceive us as Eve was deceived.
But how is it that we can get out of these everyday traps of our life so that we grow in God and discover the real purpose and find answers to the questions we ask in our everyday living?
Just like how Thomas and Minho recover a device from within the Griever’s body and they theorize that the Maze may have a hidden code that could set them all free, in the similar way we have the writings of the Church Fathers which will give us those hidden codes to set ourselves free in the maze; the real purpose in our life, the real freedom and the real joy of living. Church Fathers are the real heroes to follow who through their practical way of living (orthopraxis) have defeated Satan just like the way Thomas the teenage boy fought the Griever and crushed it. We should always remember Satan can only deceive us through thoughts but God has given us the power to overcome and defeat Satan and his army. And the Church is the hospital where we get healed through the sacraments…….Click the link(Issue 1 – May’18) below to continue reading message from the metropolitan(president, OCYM&MGOCSM-Chennai diocese, Vice president’s message and other articles……Click the link(Issue 1 – May’18) below to continue reading message from the metropolitan(president, OCYM&MGOCSM-Chennai diocese, Vice president’s message and other articles……

 download (4): Issue 1 – May’18

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